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Welcome to the world of David Brown, aka DJ Select a renowned and long-standing DJ who has built a reputable name for himself in the music industry. From nightclubs to house parties, weddings, and other private or public events, DJ Select has left his mark on the world of music.   However, what truly set DJ Select apart was his five-year job experience as one of Carnival's leading DJs. He played for an average attendance of six thousand patrons on the Carnival Cruise lines, travelling from country to country and island to island, entertaining audiences with his musical selection talent and different genre selections. DJ Select's skills and energy on the cruise ships were unmatched, and he quickly became a household name among the passengers.   But as life would have it, DJ Select's priorities changed. He became a family-oriented person and wanted to spend more time with his significant other and his first-born child. Spending six months out at sea each schedule with only a few weeks off was no longer an option for him. So, he decided to transition back to his regular life of DJing at nightclubs, weddings, and parties.   Little did he know, a pandemic was on the horizon, and it would change the world forever. DJ Select's ability to perform in person was hampered by social distance orders, but he refused to let that stop him. He pivoted and started hosting numerous online parties. But during his downtime, he realized that he needed to pivot again and do something else to keep his mind occupied. That's when he started experimenting with a special kind of barbeque sauce.   What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion project. He cleverly named it Jerk-N-Tinge, which is a blend of his Jamaican roots and his love for jerk chicken. Friends and family loved the sauce so much that he decided to develop it into a brand. DJ Select took the necessary steps to acquire the legalities for his sauce business and has started building a business model around it.   Jerk-N-Tinge is now receiving complimentary reviews from strangers who have received complimentary tasting samples, and DJ Select has moved into the field of digital hosting. He has built a video podcast platform that hosts individuals, organizations, or businesses interested in starting their own video

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