DJ Select, the name that rang a resounding bell on the Carnival Cruise ships. David Brown, also known as DJ Select, built a reputable name on the Carnival Cruise ships during his five-year job experience as one of Carnival’s leading DJs. As a renowned long-standing DJ in nightclubs, house parties, weddings, and other private or public occasions, Carnival Cruise allowed David to highlight his musical selection talent to others around the world. He travelled from country to country or island to island and displayed his DJ skills and different musical genre selections to audiences who relinquished their energy in enjoying the selected tunes. At the height of his DJ career, DJ Select played for an average attendance of six thousand patrons that were cruising on the Carnival Cruise lines. However, it all ended after five long years of being a DJ on the different ships. 

David Brown was becoming a family-oriented person, who so happened to meet his significant other on one the Carnival ships. He transitioned back to his regular life of DJing at nightclubs, weddings, and parties just so that he can spend more quality time with his newfound family, which included his first-born child. “There was nothing like Carnival Cruise at the height of my DJ career, but I viewed that family was more important…” exclaimed David Brown, who occasionally had to spend at least six months out at sea each schedule with only few weeks off. Though it was a hard decision to make, he believed in being there for his family, especially a young child who was now in the picture. 

Time would later present the world with a pandemic that prevented ships from traveling across borders. By this time David had transitioned back on land and utilized his DJ reputation on Carnival to book other DJ gigs. However, with the Pandemic in place, this affected his ability to go to nightclubs or in person parties due to social distance orders. Just like other DJs, DJ Select hosted numerous online parties. During his down time, he realized that he had to pivot to do something else to keep his mind occupied, as online parties were not that frequent. 

As a family-oriented person, he began to make more meals and experimented with a special kind of barbeque sauce. It turned out that close friends and family enjoyed the sauce so much that he began to investigate developing it as a brand barbeque sauce. He cleverly calls it Jerk-N-Tingz, which is a blend of his Jamaican roots and his love for jerk chicken. What started as a hard decision to make worked out for the good, as he began a new journey of developing his own brand barbeque sauce during his down time in the pandemic. 

David Brown has taken the necessary classes and steps to acquire his sauce business legalities. As he now develops this pivoted endeavor into a business model, Jerk-N-Tingz is getting complimentary reviews from strangers who received complimentary tasting samples. David also moved into the field of digital hosting, where he has built a video podcast platform that host individuals, organizations, or businesses who are interested in starting their own video Podcast Show. For more information you can reach [email protected]